Morning Routine Part III – Audio Format

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The same content as in the video section, delivered to you in only audio format for a versatile learning experience.

  • Economy of Action in action to open up yourself to the world
  • Understand your eyes to understand your mind
  • The physiological and mental benefits of the Eye Exercises
  • The movie Avatar can be found here:
  • The Eye Exercises can be found in the Shivananda literature or at
  • How the Eye Exercises can help you see through the bs
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  • What the Bleep movie is a must see, it is an easy introduction to the world of Quantum Physics, the grandchild of both Ayurveda and Greek medicine. It can be found at:
  • Are you observing from memory?
  • A morning exercise that could change your life
  • The Men Who Stare at Goats can be found at:
  • How to perform the Eye Exercises – We do them right after the Neck Stretches
  • Compose yourself through the Eye Exercises
  • No mantras or mudras during Eye Exercises – multitasking is the enemy of your brain

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