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We are Master Stand Up Paddle Guides & Consultants

In 2006 we saw and tried our first stand up paddle board and immediately fell in love with it. We started looking locally for boards to purchase. We went to every surf shop in the area but no one carried stand up paddle boards. Most of them called it a useless fad and did not want to invest in them. In fact, one store tried to sell us 12′ long surfboards instead. So we had to special order our boards from out of state. When we were out paddling them, people were asking us where in California we were from since they had never seen anything like this before. We then started using them leading our Kayoga trips. Every one who came along on these trips got to try them and ended up wanting their own.

So, we bit the bullet and bought 8 hybrid boards (stand up paddle boards/kayaks) from Imagine Surf and started replacing our fleet of kayaks with hybrids. This led us to doing more guided trips using the paddle boards. It was just organic to start practicing yoga on these boards. At about the same time we created the first SUP Club in the area, the Stand Up Paddle Tampa Bay Club.

Even though we were teaching stand up paddle boarding and stand up paddle/yoga we were still not involved in the sales of paddle boards. As we continued introducing more and more people to stand up paddle boarding, they would fall in love with it, purchase a board from a retail store that no longer saw sup’ing as a fad and often ended up with the “wrong” board for them. This is the reason we decided to start carrying boards for sale.

Just like yoga, all paddle boards are good but “some are better for others”. It all depends on the person’s wants and needs. We want to make sure that you stay enjoying stand up paddling for many years to come and that you incorporate it in your every day life. We want you to purchase the board that is right for your lifestyle.

We have a large inventory of stand up paddle boards and accessories from the best brands in the industry. We continuously do our homework, we test paddle every board we sell, we are not inside being a sales rep, we are on the water learning, evaluating and rating these boards to bring you the board that’s the best match for you. We offer several options, try before you buy, rent to own and layaway. We do accept trade-ins except for racing boards.

The SUP Guide & Adventure Store’s primary goal is to introduce and educate people on how to get on the water and stand up paddle safely. We are primarily a SUP GUIDE and outfitter location. We paddle almost every day, we have no sales pitch, only great advice on paddling! We pour our time and energy into the water and stand up paddling.

For us, this is a lot more than a business, it is a lifestyle.

We offer:

  • Intro to SUP
  • Guided SUP Trips
  • Endurance Paddles
  • Overnight Camping SUP Expeditions

  • SUP Rentals
  • SUP Sales
  • SUP Clinics
  • SUP Nutrition Courses

  • SUP Repairs
  • SUP Detailing

  • SUP & Yoga Classes
  • SUP & Fitness Classes
  • SUP Meditation Classes

  • SUP Guide Instructor Certifications
  • SUP & Yoga Therapy Instructor Certifications
  • SUPSTRONGTM Instructor Certifications
  • “We don’t paddle to add days to our life,
    we paddle to add life to our days.”

    Reservations are required for all trips. Call Karen at (727) 466-7994 to schedule your time on the water and to find out about discounted rates.

    CANCELLATION POLICY – Once a reservation is made, 24 hours notice must be given or your card will be charged for the trip. No exception to this rule. You will not be charged for our cancellations due to weather, water conditions, etc. Since cancellations are possible – it is advisable to contact us if you are in doubt.

    Please, print and bring in this WAIVER.

    YES Body-Weight Training Studio
    1010 Central Ave #102, St Petersburg, FL

    The SUP Guide & Adventure Store
    15002 Madeira Way, Madeira Beach, FL

    (727) 466-7994

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