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Lateral Side Angle on SUP

“Lateral Side Angle”, a great asymmetric pose for on or off the board.

When to perform:
- On your leg training day.
- Any time your emphasis is on strengthening your legs and core.
- As part of your standing warrior series.

- Strengthens the ankles, knees, legs and core.
- Enhances spinal rotation.
- Tones the abdominal organs.
- Stretches the sides of body all the way from the shoulders, to obliques, hips
  and legs.
- Assists in stretching the thoracic diaphragm for deeper breathing.
- It is a great transitional pose leading to several balancing poses.

Benefits specific to SUP:
- It stretches and strengthens the hips assisting with all strokes.
- It stretches and strengthens the shoulders creating a longer and more powerful
- It creates muscle memory for the “back heel tail brace”.
- It assists your balancing ability required for surfer’s stance.

How to perform:
1. Start in Warrior II position with right leg forward.
2. Ground both feet and lift your spine up bending it laterally on the right
   side. Keep pushing through the outside of your back foot.
3. Place you right forearm on your right thigh, palm facing the sky.
(*) If you wish for more of a challenge, straighten your right arm bringing your
    forearm off your thigh.
4. Reach your left forearm up towards the sky, rotate the palm forward and then
   extend it forward as a continuation of the rest of the side of your body.
6. Hold for several seconds to a minute before coming out of the pose and repeat
   on opposite side.

This pose can be performed statically or in a flow.

This pose was brought to you by the Yoga Energy Studio. As always, contact a knowledgeable yoga instructor or personal trainer for contraindications and needed modifications. Please, contact the Yoga Energy Studio at (727) 466-7994 for any questions.

Precautionary note:
This is not a medical statement, but a set of remarks concerning a particular hatha yoga pose. If you are under medical supervision and/or you have any questions whether or not to proceed with the following, please consult with your health professional.

As always, please find a knowledgeable, primal yoga instructor in your area, for any contraindications and modifications.

See you knee deep on the water or on the hot mat and as Ganesha would say, “Enjoy Life and Feed Your Rat!”

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