People have said…

TM – Best feeling in the world…when your yoga class claps at the end of your practice together. I guess I had a good teacher… Vie Binga

JB – Yoga Energy studios provides the BEST workout available! TRUST ME! I’ve been a loyal member for over 4 years. I took a break one year foolishly thinking I could get a better workout elsewhere. I’ve tried the boring gym routine, CrossFit, Pilates, aerobics, fitness videos and I have even tried running and training for 5ks thinking that would get me in tip top shape and toned. I was WRONG! After my thorough research I can say with great confidence that my body responds the best to Yoga Energy studios yoga classes. I swear I notice results after just one class! I’m completing the 6 week bootcamp this week and I can’t thank Vie Binga enough for getting me bikini body ready this year! I easily lost 10 lbs and went down almost 2 dress sizes! In less than a year I turn 30 and will also be getting married. With the help of YOGA ENERGY STUDIO I know I will be in the best shape of my life! I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!!!

JW – Thank you soooo much Sylvie and Tim for so generously sharing your expertise during the SUP Guide Instructor Certification. You both are true professionals with big hearts. I look forward to the next time we meet!

KSJ – I am very glad I participated in the SUP Instructor 1 Class. Safety is so important when you are out on a vessel of any type on the water. I can’t wait for their next training practice. Thanks, V & Tim for all you are doing.

LB – To those who are pondering the Guide SUP Training Class – please do not hesitate and sign up for the upcoming sessions. I took the course today and had a great time while learning valuable skills & techniques. Tim and Sylvie are highly informative instructors that blend professionalism with class perfectly (all while making it very fun with no pretense). Thanks again for a very groovy day on the water. Kudos and best wishes to those who are continuing the sup/yoga course through the weekend!

SC – Dear Sylvie and Tim, Thank you for a wonderful SUP & YOGA experience at Yoga Energy Studio! I am so grateful to know there are people like both of you who embrace “classic” yoga style and embrace the art and science behind YOGA & SUP too!

LR – Sylvie, Extraordinary and outstanding boot camp this morning. I am feeling waves of appreciation for so many things including having such a great place to get strong and flexible, physically and mentally. :-))

LD – Thank you Tim and Sylvie for caring to keep people safe on the water and spreading the love of the sport – day packed full of info! SUP-on!

BB – Amazing. SUP YOGA Coolest workout of my life! Saw manatees, dolphins and stingrays and now I’m rescuing a mud duck!

BO – SUP Yoga with some stingrays, 2 dolphins and a pod of manatees. One of the most amazing experiences ever.

GJ – Today was terrific and I’m officially in love with SUP! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience!

LW – Hurrah! !! We made it! Sylvie and Tim you are both heartfelt and heartfilled teachers. Many have knowledge…but far less have the gift of teaching knowledge. You both are gifted and giving. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to study under your teachings of yoga and Ayurveda. Thank you

KJ – 200hr yoga teacher training completed today! to my teachers, V and Tim, you are two of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met, you have given me a new found hope for society. Thank you for introducing me to so much beauty and wisdom, I am so grateful I was given this opportunity to study with you and learn from you. The best foundation. @supandyogaenergy #yogaeverydamnday #yogateachertraining #lastdayofschool #maktub #ommanipadnehum #bestteachers #blessings #gratitude #happy #certified ☀✌❤

DM – Sylvie — One of your teacher trainer graduates teach at the studio by my house. Her name is Kerry, and she is AWESOME! Great teachers create more greatness! :)

BM – Love Love Love&Light to each one of you ! may our paths continue to cross on our forever constant quest for knowledge sylvie&tim words can not express the gratitude we all share for the two of you! thank you thank you thank you!

JS – You have build an amazing company. It is inspiring to spend time at the studio and in training. It is truly unique how you approach this business and I wished everyone would take the opportunity experiencing Yoga Energy Studio. I will continue visiting and learning and spread the word. Keep going!
Wishing you all well, Janina

SO – We did it! My class and I have graduated from SupnYoga Energy Peeps 200 hour Instructor training! It was such a beautiful experience and I am grateful for every moment of it! We all shared so much of ourselves and can now share Yoga with the world with the support of our communities! Thank you! Namaste.

KCS – took “HOT YOGA” this morning and I didn’t think I could sweat that much. Thank you for the workout Vie Binga. It was a sweaty good time!

TMR – My sister, Tracey MacDonald and I enjoyed out first SUP yoga practice today and enjoyed every minute of it. Sylvie was terrific. We’ll be back the next time we’re here from Canada. Thank you Yoga Energy!

KB – My SUP Yoga Teaching Training in St. Pete with Yoga Energy Peeps was AWESOME! Thank you Tim and Sylvie for your wisdom and instruction and for sharing SUP Yoga. I love it and can’t wait to share it with Cape Coral.

MP – A tremendous thank you goes out to Tim and Sylvie of Yoga Energy Studio for the experience. I highly recommend this to anyone considering SUP Yoga teacher training certification.

LB – Sooo excited to officially be a yoga alliance certified SUP YOGA Instructor!! Thanks to Tim and Sylvie at YOGA ENERGY STUDIO I will be changing lives across the country with Yoga & SUP :) :) :) Endless gratitude for all that you have taught me. Because of you two I feel confident that I am truly following my dharma!

TD – Just want to express my gratitude for Tim and Sylvie and the great new friends I’ve met over the past four days at the SUP YOGA teacher training…one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! I can’t wait to start sharing what I’ve learned with others! It was even more fun than I anticipated!

AC – Thank you Tim and Sylvie for sharing your love of the water with me! I learned so much from the SUP Yoga teacher training and I am truly grateful to have you both as my instructors!

PD – it truly was an amazing experience…. i had such a blast….. wonderful meeting you too…. i miss you guys already (about the SUP & Yoga Teacher Training)

BR – I wanted to say thank you both, Sylvie and Tim, for an amazing experience! (about the SUP & Yoga Teacher Training)

DMT – I am so blessed to have you and Yoga Energy Studio as teachers in SUP yoga and yoga teacher training! What an amazing gift and experience you could share! Thank you ♥ pure paddle bliss…Highly recommended, hands down:) infinite thanks, Dori

LB – One of the best experiences of my life! (for the 200-hour Teacher Training)

JVD – SUP yoga training rocked. Everyone should be a part of this amazing experience. Thanks to all the class mates, Tim, Sylvie, Candice, and Jayne. Great to meet all of you. See you on the water!

TBN – Thanks for the beautiful day. Sunshine, tranquility and renewed sense of purpose. I couldn’t be more thankful!

TBN – (3 weeks later) You don’t know how bad I would love to be there! ENJOY! Thanks again Tim and Silvie for the most amazing 4days in SUP Yoga training! I miss you guys.

JS (2 months after her training) – Looking at these pictures brings back good memories…. good luck to all new teachers! You picked the BEST to learn from!

JS (3 months after her training) – Hi Silvie and Tim, since I am back from the teacher training things are going just fantastic for me and thePaddlesUp. You both have been the ones that taught us not only how to teach but very important, got us awesome advice on the business part. I just want to let you know that I am very thankful for what you have created and you keep inspiring me every day.
If our season in Michigan would be longer than 3 months there would be no question in my mind to do this full time. But until I figure out what to do with the remaining 9 month, I am just taking this business to balance the demand of my regular job. If you have new things coming up I want to be on your first training sessions!!! All the best for both you, Janina

ES – Interested in taking teacher training with YOGA ENERGY STUDIO? I just finished their 200 hour Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy and can say this was one of the best experiences of my life. The Yoga Energy Studio has a combined knowledge and experience in yoga that is hard to find and they pass that on to their students. You are taught all aspects of what yoga encompasses, physical, mind and nutrition. Two days of training were on a beautiful island, what gets better than learning on an island. They teach you how to teach yoga to everyone and anyone. Throughout the training you get to teach what you have learned from day to day, keeping the information fresh and relevant to the days learning. For me, never having taught yoga, it allowed me to gain experience and confidence before completing the training.

They teach that simplicity, honesty and ethical businesses practices create a professionalism in the industry. They teach you that whether you plan on just teaching for someone or having your own business, after you go through their training you will have the practice and knowledge to do it. Any training Yoga Energy Studio has to offer is well sought out information. They take teaching to a higher level. I highly recommend taking any training they have to offer.

CT – I cannot say enough about my yoga teacher training experience at YES. It exceeded my expectations for so many reasons. Tim and Sylvie are extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga, and I feel so fortunate to have been able to learn from their extensive experience. It meant so much to me that they are such authentic people, truly living a yoga lifestyle. I learned so much about myself through the experience, and I met some great friends along the way. Whether you are interested in learning to teach, gain a broader perspective of yoga, deepen your personal practice, or just discover more about yourself, I recommend teacher training at YES. It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life !

LC – Thank you for the phenomenal training you gave me! I already miss everyone and will think of you often. Looking forward to keeping in touch and completing my 300 hour Teacher Training with you in the future and continuing with my Ayurveda training. Namaste!

LC – (less than 3 months later) I’ve had several people to ask me where I received my training. Sure do wish you two could come over here and train up some people. My classes are going well and I’m glad you showed us how to maximize space with the classes. The other day I couldn’t have fit another person in the room. Hope all is well!

SR – My Dearest Sylvie, My class this morning was beyond words! I remembered the story you told us about the time that one woman showed up for class and you still did the class, even though she would’ve understood if you had cancelled. One woman showed up to my class and I treated it the same way, with positivity. She just called me. She wants to cancel her YMCA membership and train 3-4 days a week with me because of how amazing her hip feels! She also wants to do group sessions with her husband and friends. I am so thankful to you and Tim for being such wonderful role models for me and your genuine concern for us receiving the proper knowledge. I will always remember the valuable life lessons you two taught us! My Endless Thanks,
Sarah :-)

NA – The best Yoga Teacher Training one could wish for!
Some people have asked me as to where I got my yoga certification and if I was pleased. I was certified through YogaEnergyStudio (YES). They have an AMAZING teacher training program. Their curriculum exceeds expectations! The size of the class is limited so that people received more personalized attention. The tools and techniques used are both practical and easy to follow. I have been in the yoga industry for a long time and It has taken on a whole new meaning since completing my latest certification @ YES. Yoga & Ayurveda Therapy has given me a foundation to a whole new approach to life. Just like they say: “We believe that yoga and Ayurved are every one’s birthright ” Thank you YOGA ENERGY STUDIO!

CK – wow! What a wonderful experience. Sylvie and Tim are awesome. The 200 Yoga Teacher training was amazing! I have learned so much more than I expected and I met such wonderful people with spectacular hearts….And most importantly, I had fun while learning. Thank you both, May you both have peace, joy, and love, Carolyn

CK (1 year later, while sharing our Teacher Training link) – People always compliment my teaching Yoga skills. this is where I received my wonderful education! You can be taught by the best also.

CM – Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us. What I learned from you guys has forever changed the way I look at yoga (in a VERY good way). Your emphasis on anatomy and science within every aspect of yoga has opened up a whole new world for me… that I never imagined. I am SO glad that somehow I ended up in St. Petersburg, FL all the way from Montana… I’m beginning to understand how MEANT it was for me to end up here… as unplanned as it was. Namaste…

AC – The past 20 days have been awesome. I grew mentally, physically, and spiritually. Thank you Nice Alberts and Yoga Jayne for your encouragement. Thank you Tim and Sylvie for inviting me into your home and studio, and for sharing your knowledge and love of Yoga with me. I am truly grateful.

LC – The Level 1 30 hour Ayurveda class will educate you on the big picture of Ayurveda. When you are ready to become healthier this is the class to start with. When they offer the next class, take it. Sylvie Binga embodies what a great teacher is! You don’t just get educated, you get educated by someone who knows Ayurveda from the heart and lives Ayurveda.

AK – After completing your Level 1 Ayurveda Therapy Course this weekend I would like to commend you for this excellent experience! Sylvie’s extensive knowledge and clear, concise teaching style made the information very comprehensible; I left with so much valuable information and practical tools I can start implementing immediately to enhance my life. I highly recommend this outstanding course to anyone who would like to live a happy, more balanced life. Thank you!

SM – Attending the Ayurveda Therapy Level 1 course taught by Sylvie at Yoga Energy Studio was a great experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in health and balance in their life. Sylvie is a wonderful teacher and her high level of expertise with the subject is obvious. The course provides a lot of information that she delivers in a manner that makes it very understandable, and in a comfortable setting with time allowed for questions and discussion. The experience has provided me with many tools to use in improving the quality of life for myself and my family. As I have made changes, I am excited by the positive results and I look forward to continuing. Thank you!

MB – Yoga Energy Studio has really opened my eyes with yoga. I am currently undergoing teacher training there and Tim and Sylvie are wonderful teachers and role models! Their hot yoga classes are like nothing I have ever taken before! You always get an amazing workout and feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated when you leave. They keep the routines fresh and they also keep them within reason for most people whether beginner or advanced at yoga. I would recommend anyone to try a class at YES- You’ll be hooked! :) -Molly Bernas

AM – I cannot recommend YES enough! The hot classes are unbelievable and the teachers are so generous and knowledgeable!

CT – Thanks for another awesome teacher training! I’m so inspired…and can’t wait to paddle on Thursday : )

WM – Thank you YOGA ENERGY STUDIO for all of your awesome yoga/fitness class, fantastic instructors, and for the opportunity to partake on phenomenal teacher and Ayurvedic training! You contribution to the St. Pete community is priceless!

DC – I was never someone interested in yoga before. In fact, Tim really had to do some convincing for me to add it to my regular workout. Once I did I was hooked. And I’m convinced of it’s benefits. Thanks Tim.

AM – My experience with YES has changed my life. Everything from the teacher training to the day to day classes are simply wonderful. I am so glad I found a place where I can grow into myself and my yoga practice. I LOVE YES and believe that everyone should experience it for themselves.

JS – The Hot Flow class at Yoga Energy Studio is amazing! Tim and Sylvie are great teachers, and extremely patient with beginners like I was. I was hooked after my first class and have a difficult time thinking about going anywhere else. And for donation-only, it’s more than well worth the drive over the bridge.

MMG – Love your classes and feel I can NOT miss my Sunday morning class. Thank you for your teachings!

AL – Simply Said Amazing Teachers and Amazing Classes
Tim and Sylvie really care about this community Thank you some much for your time and effort

JJ – Teacher training with YES was an amazing experience… exposing us to the many, many faces of Yoga while simultaneously focusing on Vinyasa flow technique and the practical “real-world” business of becoming a thriving Yoga instructor. Tim and Sylvie are wonderfully supportive, honest teachers who care about each and every student. I am eternally blessed to have been given the opportunity to participate in their program. Thank you again!!! Peace & Love, Joel

JLM – YES teacher training has been inspiring. Compared to other teacher training that I have experienced, it comes out on top. Tim’s expertise in yoga and fitness and Sylvie’s expertise in yoga and Ayurveda combine to provide a unique opportunity to learn, share and grow, no matter your level. Yoga Energy Studio is leading the way in St. Petersburg. A one of a kind studio!

PC – For the past year I have been attending classes here at Yoga Energy Studio. I feel incredibly lucky to have found them! I had never practiced yoga before and they have allowed me to slowly progress – at my own tempo. I am now a loyal ‘grasshopper’! Tim, Sylvie – Thanks for your careful teaching and inspiration, I highly recommend to both experienced and beginning yoga enthusiasts!

NB – Coming from a military background, I have to say the Hot Core class Saturday morning was one of the most intense workout’s I’ve ever gotten to do. It worked every muscle in my body and had me drenched in sweat. I HIGHLY recommend it.

JC – I have been strength training with Karen for over a year know. I have become stronger and I feel great. She really knows how to make me sweat. And to add to this I practice the hot core. I am a new man.

JDK – Yoga Energy Studio teaches not only the fundamentals of yoga but also the
nuances. Sylvie and Tim truly care about their students. They assess your potential and help you get the most out of your practice. Plus, the yoga boot camps and KaYoga rock!

DB – It’s amazing how much you can learn and how motivated you can feel after even just one Ayurvedic counseling session. Thanks to Sylvie, I learned a lot about how to better myself physically, emotionally, and mentally! Thanks for all you do, Sylvie :)

MG – Love, Love, Love Yoga energy studio!!! I’ve been taking yoga for a year now with Tim and Sylvie and I am a new person. They provide a great environment to practice yoga no matter what your experience level is and the pay what you can classes make it affordable for everyone. Thanks guys!!!

LD – Exactly how Yoga should be!

KS – The instructors are the best, great energy!

JLM – Experienced the “Bliss” electronic gem therapy. I left feeling less pain in my knee and more grounded. St. Petersburg is fortunate to have Sylvie Binga, one of the best educated and most experienced Ayurvedic practitioners in the state of Florida.

SH – The Studio has been extremely beneficial to me. I am stronger now. I am healthier now. I am better now.

LT – The classes and teachers at Yoga Energy Studio are amazing! I look forward to every class, as I leave with a sense of inspiration and accomplishment. I know that not only will I be improving my body and mind, but having fun too.

ES – I love this studio. All classes I’ve taken here are wonderful. Please, keep it up…!!

DW – I highly suggest Sylvie’s class, such a great challenge, for a student and teacher alike.


CT – Thank you Tim and Sylvie for another awesome sup yoga teacher training experience! I had a blast and loved this group of amazing teachers : )

SB – This place is amazing! I always look forward to it!!

SF- Yoga Energy welcomes people with open heart and mind- and truly enjoys spreading the word and skills of yoga.

JK – I was introduced to HOT yoga yesterday. I now have an addiction to this new way of life. I even went back today. What I love about this studio is pay as you can. They give everyone a chance to experience “yoga”.

MJ – There classes are awesome!

ES – Yoga Energy Studio makes a difference in St. Petersburg. We need more of what Yoga Energy has to offer!

LS – I can’t say enough how amazing these classes are! I am so much stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my life – thank you Y.E.S.!! I have tried many other types of Yoga and this has been by far the most beneficial. I look forward to “working out” now! :)

RV – I go twice a week to Yoga Energy Studio and its wonderful and Ive never been happier.

SM – Best studio ever!

CM – Everyone should go to Yoga Energy Studio! Yoga Energy Studio is the best!

CB – Yoga Energy Studio has changed our lives. We leaned how to eat, exercise correctly, and I lost 65 pounds. My wife joined and lost 55 pounds. The “pay what you can” philosophy has helped so many people and they care about helping the community.

LL – YES opens the doors to anyone who wants to explore his or her yoga practice in a professional, safe, and fun environment. The instructors are experienced, and knowledgeable, best of all,they care.

DK – Yoga energy studio gives so much to the betterment of our lives. My life is richer because of their programs and education. They make health and wellness accessible and fun.

GHW – It’s a great workout with awesome instruction and really makes a difference!

EMD – they are wonderful, by far the best yoga studio in st pete. the owners are so kind and helpful

NS – Love Yoga Engergy Studio for the following reasons: – Awesome instructors who are very patient – Classes offered; variety of classes available at various times to meet all levels

NA – I came to YES not knowing if I could do it. I hadn’t worked out in years because of a injury that damaged my nerves, muscles, and spine but YES help me! Their personal care and compassion help motivate me and not feel pressure to do it but want to.

LM – Life and St Petersburg Fl are a better place thanks to Yoga Energy Studio.

JN – Best yoga instructors and it is “pay what you can” so anyone can afford it. Yoga Energy studio gives so much back to community by organizing lots of events to support local environment. I am so happy that I found them, they are the best local busines

RM – Yoga Energy does SO much for both it’s patrons and the community. They deserve all the praise for the good work they do and the amazing classes they put on.

JD – YES has wonderful instructors that are attuned to the classes well being. The ‘pay what you can’ classes are a great way to stay involved.

LS – the pay what you can concept lends a totally different vibe to YES that you can tell both teachers and students appreciate!

RB – This studio has changed the way I look at exercise! I have fun every class, love all the instructors, and everyone is friendly! I love this studio. I recommend YES to everyone!

SM – Yoga Energy Studio is my favorite place! Great yoga studio with excellent classes and teachers.

MN – I had an amazing HOT CORE class on Sat, if i live in Fl, I would def be a regular. =)

ES – Ayurveda works!! I feel so much better since my first ayurvedic consult with Sylvie. I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life

MV – I’m in love with HOT yoga, my body feels like it is getting younger and happier each and everytime I practice. Yoga Energy teachers are totally dedicated to their students and the community by having “pay what you can” for their classes. Silvie, Tim and Niece truly embody the spirit of yoga and I feel immensly blessed to have found them. Namaste

ES – Thank you again for an amazing Yoga and Ayurveda Therapy teacher training AND the Yoga & SUP teacher training we just finished today, YEAH! You take teaching to a higher level. The world is a better place with you two in it!! Namaste

WM – The last 4 weeks with Yoga Energy have been fantastic. Thanks for being there on Wednesday nights! See you next year.

KS – Thanks for a great first HOT yoga experience today! Be back friday!! :)

JJT – This is Alonso and Jessica. We were in your Wed night class at 6:05. Wanted to say that our yoga teach was amazing. (sofia?) We will be back next week :)

LA – Saint Pete people! Check out YOGA ENERGY STUDIO Yoga Energy Friend! It’s the perfect way to keep on track of those New Year’s Resolutions! You’ll love it! Come try it out! Karrah Nobel, nat Hussang and myself have been going for a few months now.

LD – Tonight’s yoga was amazing!!! The live music and candles made the experience unforgettable!! Please please do this more often!!! Thank you for kicking my @$$!!!!! I can’t wait to come back!!!

WPS – Loved, loved, loved, last weeks hot y&y with Sylvie! Can’t make it tomorrow but I will be back next week for sure!

CR – Great workout and wonderful instructors…. Love going :)

SJ – I’m addicted!!!!!!

WM – This place RULES

MP – Yay! Happy Birthday! I’m so lucky to know you and have the opportunity to train with you. You guys are part of what makes St Pete such a great city! (for the studio’s 3 year anniversary)

LM – Happy birthday!!!!! Thank you for ALL u do :) (for the studio’s 3 year anniversary)

CT – Thank you for an awesome teacher training experience! I am so happy to be part of your yoga family and excited to be one of the first to be certified to teach sup yoga!! Looking forward to the journey…

MGV – Ive been getting up at 530 2 days a week for over 2 years for yoga boot camp. If that doesn’t speak to how great the studio is, I don’t know what does. Happy birthday!!!! (for the studio’s 3 year anniversary)

GJ – I’ve lost 6lbs after 7 classes! thanks!

See you on the hot mat or at least knee deep on the water and as Ganesha would say, “Enjoy Life and Feed Your Rat!”

Train with us!

Yoga Energy Studio
1010 Central Ave #102
St Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 466-7994


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